Jesse & Kelly Riley

Jesse and Kelly completed an outdoor living and pool project in 2020. While the final product turned out great, they still needed the finishing touches. Going to their favorite retailers for ideas, they watched the crippled supply chain drive prices even higher on luxury outdoor furnishings, putting their dream even further out of reach.

Kelly, as a former boutique owner, had experience in importing and private labeling products, so she decided to tap into some of her resources. She took a chance on a teak furniture factory and imported furniture to outfit the pool and surrounding areas for less than half of what they would have spent at a high end retail store.

After completion of their own project, landscapers and designers in the area began asking how they could bring this value to their customers, as the biggest obstacle was often the furnishings to give their projects the Instagram/Pinterest wow factor. Thus began Axis Home.

Over the years, they have developed strong relationships with factories that build some of your favorite furniture lines.
Today, their team works one-on-one with each customer to help bring their designs and dreams to life. Axis would love to partner with you on fully custom designs to perfectly fit your space, style, and budget.

Let's talk about how you can transform your space.